∅the androgynborg∅

the androgynborg


the androgynborg is a post-art open collectivity which engages in the process of simultaneous creation using a variety of mediums. The productions include group paintings, poetry, music, a variety of situations, and general performance. All works here are produced by the colectivity.


You did it! the androgynborg was able to print some copies of THE ANDROGYNBORG: A Politico-Aesthetico Novel. The novel is over 300 pages long, contains scans of 150 collaboratively type-written poems, some untimely meditations and scans of other collaboratively created artworks. There was an ebook, but it was destroyed when the library at Alexandria burned down. More analog copies can be made if there is enough interest. Just email theandrogynborg@gmail.com

Samples from the upcoming book of collectively written poetry:

"Romance in the District of Capitalism:

Here are some things the androgynborg left behind:

Active Uncurators:

  • Leenie Wonder
  • Rid Scatom
  • Merlyn's Beard
  • lorinfauv
  • Young Santa
  • Dandy Warpoole
  • Queeriam Webster
  • Shon Jon Jayoshi
  • Sean-Jayson
  • Sanjay Dadum
  • Dike Turner
  • Hamiaica Juice
  • Poggle
  • Gurth
  • Billy Blankshooter
  • Pappy the Anger Queer
  • Coco
  • Coolian
  • Doublemint
  • VeeWak
  • Ponderosa Peter
  • Fiercë Brosnan
  • E-bits
  • Bad Alass
  • Rara
  • Blif Gaank
  • Console and Cynegetic Cowfolk Computer Club (C5)
  • and over 9000! others


p.s. it's the androgynborg, not the androgyny borg